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Our Trainings

MCAD is not only dedicated to Community Services, but is also to acquire knowledge and skills through providing these services.

Basic First Aid and Home Nursing

MCAD is self-dependent for its Basic First Aid Trainings with 7 Qualified First Aid Trainers in our division. This has also allowed MCAD to be the division with the most number of First Aid Trainers in North East Area, or perhaps in the State of Penang.

Modules are added to existing syllabus to expose our members to advance their skills. Our members are trained in assisting Oxygen Administration, Bag-valve-mask resuscitation and Trauma Care.

Majority of our members are also trained in Home Nursing. They are trained to take care of the sick at home, and these skills are required during non-emergency transport service. With 3 MCAD members who are student-nurses, MCAD is looking forward to self-dependent in Home Nursing Trainings also.

Advanced First Aid

DSCN1776There are 10 Advanced First Aid Certificate holders in MCAD. They are trained to a higher level of knowledge and skills, such as Action at Emergency, Triage, Oxygen Administration, Airway Maintenance, Introduction to Trauma Care, Emergency Child Birth and etc.

The advanced knowledge and skills we learnt are vital to help to save lives during emergencies. It is even more important for us to step towards the goal to provide Emergency Ambulance Service. MCAD is looking forward to have 50% of her members trained in Advance First Aid. We are planning and hoping to organise the course ourselves.

Pre-hospital Care


MCAD have organised the first Pre-hospital Care for Trauma Victims Course in December 2002. We would continue to organise this programme for our members in order to achieve our vision to have the most number of Pre-hospital Care personnel.During the two lectures and one practical sessions, participants learnt about “What is Trauma”, “Mechanism of Injury”, “On Scene Management”, “Driving to the Scene”, “Special Considerations for Paediatric Trauma and Trauma in Pregnancy” and even Extrication.

Participants are not only exposed to knowledge and skills on Trauma Care, but they also obtained relevant experiences shared by the speakers. Cpl. Khoo Teng Giap, EMT-B, has a lot of experiences with SJAM Emergency Medical Assistance Service in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Low Eng Chuan, EMT-B, shared his experiences when he was trained in United States of America. Dr. Teo Aik Howe, MBBS, MMed (Emegency Medicine), shared his specialised knowledge and skills in his field.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

MCAD obtained a donation of an AED in May 2005. To be the first division to own an expensive and important tool like AED, training to ensure members know how to use it is equally important.

The first AED Training was done on 4 June 2005 by Dr. Teo Aik Howe, MBBS, MMed (Emegency Medicine), to share with us his knowledge, skill and experience. MCAD is looking forward to own an AED Trainer in order to have all her members trained to use the equipment.

Our Challenge

We are sensitive to the latest issues around us. That is how we did it by taking the challenge to organise an interactive talk of SARS. From the talk, we have learnt to handle SARS Suspected Cases and importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We understand that routine training programmes are boring and provide limited room for improvement. We are committed to improvements through Continuous Education and to keep our training programmes interesting. Basic Life Support (BLS) Course by Penang CPR Society marked our first step towards better training. We even hope to have EMT Training in future.