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About Us

Millennium Combined Adult Division (MCAD) is a division under the command of SJAM North East Area, State of Penang. MCAD is formed under provision of Act 74, St. John Ambulance (Incorporation)  Act, 1972, and General Rules and Regulations of SJAM.MCAD was officially established on 16 December 1999 with strength of only 15 adult members.

With the aim to retain more school members to continue serving mankind, at the same time to maintain the membership for the organisation, the effort to form a new division thus started.

At this moment, MCAD is the only open division in the North East Area, Penang. Our members are involved in various types of trainings, standby duties, ambulance service of transporting patients to home or hospital, emergency ambulance responses and many more.

Standby duty is the principal business of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM). MCADis a major contributor in this section of service. Our members are always there to make sure the safety of all people. MCAD also introduced Emergency Ambulance Support Service (EASS) in year 2003 to supplement the existing emergency ambulance service for Penang community. Read more about our Services

MCAD is the division with the highest number of First Aid Trainers and is self-dependent on Basic First Aid training for her members. We too realise the importance of proper Pre-hospital Care while serving Ambulance Attachment Unit, which requires providing Pre-hospital Care to victims. Thus, a new training called “Pre-Hospital Care for Trauma Victims” were design and introduced in year 2002. Read more about our Trainings

MCAD is committed in delivering quality Community Service through highly trained, motivated and dedicated volunteers.

To know more about St. John Ambulance, please visit our SJAM Penang State Headquarters and SJAM National Headquarters web page for further information.