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Emergency Ambulance Support Service

Special Write-up on Ops Merdeka 2005 (click to read)

Emergency Ambulance Support Service (EASS) was mooted by Mr. Yeoh Koon Yong, and Cpl. Khoo Teng Giap, EMT-B, who has plenty of experience in Emergency Ambulance Service from his service with Emergency Medical Assitance Service (EMAS), SJAM Wilayah Persekutuan.

EASS was introduced by MCAD in 2003 when Ambulance Attachment Unit by our state headquarters came to a halt. We too discovered the shortage of ambulances especially during festive seasons and eves. The intension to resume similar service like AAU thus started.

With the help and advice from Dr. Teo Aik Howe, MBBS, MMed(Emergency Medicine), Head of Accident & Emergency Department, Hospital Pulau Pinang, equipped ambulances with experienced personnel are stationed at headquarters to receive calls from 999 Emergency Call Centre, Hospital, Royal Police, Fire & Rescue Department, Civil Defense Department and sometimes public.

Our teams standby at headquarters once alerted, will rush to the scene to provide help. Every call is treated emergency, equipment and training our members carry with them are equally important for them to help to save lives. We are to deliver all we can do on the scene to ensure casualty is ready to be transported. Penang Emergency Ambulance Radio Link (PEARL) introduced in 2004 is so important to keep ambulance crews, ambulance base and receiving hospital closely when response to emergencies. Our ambulance too will alert the receiving hospital with information about the casualty they are to receive in order to better prepare for better service.

As preparation to support SJAM Penang Bayan Lepas Emergency Ambulance Service, and to step forward towards the service, we have EASS to act as training ground for our members. Members were mentored by more experienced ones to perform and improve to a better quality of service delivered.

As the first SJAM unit in Northern Malaysia to own an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), it is only worth if the AED is put into use. Ambulance will be dispatched with AED and 2 trained members to all calls.

We are looking forward to own our ambulance to allow us to extend this service to weekend basis, or even to be part of the 24hour emergency ambulance service in future.

Gan Hoo Kok

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