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Our Services

St. John Ambulance was founded with the motto ‘For the Service of Mankind’. Our members volunteered to serve their communities through SJAM services. We offer many opportunities for volunteering, such as Standby Services, Ambulance Attachment Unit, Highway Emergency Ambulance Service, Non-emergency Transport Service, Charity Projects, and many more. Emergency Ambulance Support Service was also introduced in year 2003.

Emergency Medical Assistance Service (E.M.A.S.) was first introduced in SJAM Wilayah Persekutuan. It is now in Penang as a National Project. MCAD members are actively participating in this project in making it a sucess. Read more about EMAS Penang

It is important that our programme should be exciting and relevant to participants. It is also important to review our programmes and to introduce new services to keep our volunteers interested. In order to achieve all those goals, MCAD members are encouraged to participate in our policy making. Therefore they are part of the team, and we achieve our excellence together.

You may also help by being our Partner in Service to Mankind. We are looking forward for Partners to organise Community Service Projects, or to support community services, or projects that provide our volunteers chances of learning new knowledge and skills, or practise the skills they have learnt.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us create the Partnership in Service to Mankind.

Emergency Medical Assistance Service (EMAS)

MVA JEEMAS is to station a Class-A equipped ambulance within Bayan Lepas area to reduce response time to any emergencies.

EMAS Penang will be the first community-based emergency ambulance service in the country, allowing our community to demonstrate the significant role of volunteerism in the community and the role of business in supporting its community.

St. John Ambulance is taking the lead toward a better ambulance service for all Malaysians. Read more about EMAS Penang

Charity Projects

Dscn0074It is our challenge to organise a Charity Project every year. We visited old folks homes to help cleaning up the place prior to Chinese New Year Celebration. We purchased medical supplies for the homes in addition to organise an entertainment programme for them.

We visited Silver Jubilee Home in year 2003. Our volunteers resuscitated an inmate who suffered cardiac arrest. He was then delivered to hospital with our ambulance. Unfortunately he passed away in hospital 4 hours later.

Our projects has so far reached Silver Jubilee Home, St. Joseph Home for Orphanages , Relau Rumah Charis Old Folks Home and the latest Rong Zhu Yuan Bhd. 感恩之家 Home for the Senior Citizens

First Aid Standby Services

velu treat caseWhenever there is public gathering, there are SJAM Volunteers working to make the event safe.

Providing First Aid Standby Service for large public events is not new to MCAD volunteers. Neither is it to high-risk events. We have covered events like Thaipusam, Wesak Day Procession, Star Walk and International Penang Bridge Run, which involved more than 10,000 members of the public. We too covered events like Horse Races in Penang Turf Club and Go-Cart Championships. These are events that have high possibilities of serious injuries.

Highway Emergency Ambulance Service

PICT1300SJAM National Headquarters introduced this service in 1996. More than 60 ambulances and 1000 members were mobilised every year nationwide

to stationed at the highway toll plazas to provide primary care and transport casualties to hospital during festive seasons.

We actively participated in this service every year to help Malaysian Highways to be a safer place to travel. It is also a place for our members to gain experience and practise the skills they have learnt.

Emergency Ambulance Support Service (EASS)

PICT0019EASS was a new service introduced by MCAD in 2003 when we discovered the shortage of ambulances especially during festive seasons and eves. Equipped ambulances with experienced personnel are stationed at headquarters to receive calls from 999 Emergency Call Centre, Penang Hospital, Royal Police, Fire & Rescue Department, Civil Defence Department and sometimes public.

We are looking forward to own our ambulance to allow us to extend this service to weekends basis, or even to 24hour emergency ambulance service in future.

Ambulance Attachment Unit (AAU)

PICT1327SJAM Penang Headquarters introduced a new service in May 2002. SJAM members and ambulance stationed at the Jalan Perak Fire and Rescue Station during weekends, and to respond with the Fire and Rescue Engines to emergencies.

Our members take the advantage of exposing themselves to emergency response through their participation in Ambulance Attachment Unit. They also practise their knowledge and skills through the provision of Pre-hospital Care to victims. This is also a part of our effort to create the awareness among the public about the importance of rendering proper Pre-hospital Care.

Non-emergency Transport Service

SJAM Penang Headquarters is providing Non-emergency Transport Service to transfer patients from hospital to hospital, hospital to home, and vice versa.

With only one paid driver, this service requires support from members. In year 2001, MCAD members volunteered more than 81% to this service. We have accompanied patients up to Perlis (Malaysia-Thailand Border), down to Johor (Malaysia-Singapore Border). We also took the advantage to practise our knowledge and skills on providing care and operating Basic Life Support Equipment.