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Vision & Mission Statement

Achieving success is commendable; repeating it, improving upon it, and sustaining it over the years is even a greater challenge to us. MCAD is not satisfied with yesterday’s success, but committed to look for ways to improve. With this commitment, we have set our goal in order to move towards excellence.

Our Vision

  • Millennium Combined Adult Division is to emerge as the leading division in various sectors Operations, Training and Administration.
  • Millennium Combined Adult Division is to operate and serve the community with our Caring Philosophy in a friendly atmosphere.

Our Mission

  • To build up a network with other SJAM units and non-SJAM units in order to improve the co-operation in various sectors.
  • To recruit more members from various professions in order to cope with the need of knowledge and skills for various sectors.
  • To organized more events to practice and gain experience from the knowledge and skills learnt.
  • To encourage programmes that improve social and interpersonal relationship.