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Cycling to save lives

THE Cycle Response Unit (CRU) of the St John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) Penang is now opening up its membership to the public.

SJAM state staff officer Hoe Chin Khwan said that although the unit was initiated in June 2007, they would now provide training to those who are interested to join.

“When it was first initiated, CRU was then the first medical unit on bicycles in Penang.

All geared up: CRU member Teah Yi Fan looking at the first aid equipment at the launching of CRU and MCAD cabin at St John Ambulance headquarters in Grove Road, George Town

 “Each bicycle is equipped with a first aid kit and operated by CRU members who are able to provide basic first aid,” he said.

He said CRU members were able to navigate through narrow paths and provide immediate first aid treatment at places where ambulances found them hard to reach.

CRU members are normally despatched during public events such as the Wesak Day procession, Penang Bridge International Marathon, Starwalk, and various other events or activities, as they are able to reach the casualties faster and more effectively than foot patrols.

SJAM Millennium Combined Adult Division (MCAD) officer-in-charge Tan Teik Kean said that the unit now had 30 cyclists and 16 bicycles, and is also equipped with a semi-automatic defibrillator to provide service to patients who collapse due to heart arrest.

“The first four minutes are the most crucial moments for patients who have heart failure, and the defibrillator is the tool that will be able to save the day.

“Those who join us will be trained on basic first aid knowledge as well as how to operate the defibrillator,” he said during the launching of the CRU and MCAD cabin at the St John Ambulance headquarters in Grove Road, George Town, recently.

Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu, who is an avid cyclist, registered as a CRU member at the event.

For details on being a CRU member, call 04-8285972 or email to or visit

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