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MCAD’s Annual Charity Projects

We promised ourselves to have Charity Projects every Chinese New Year. This has been happening since even before the formation of division. And it is still our tradition until today.

When the third quarter of every year approaches, we all share the same topic: “Where to go for next year’s charity?”. Each year, we try to look for a destination which needs our existence. From old folks home to orphanage home, from donate supplies to cleaning, entertaining and saving life.

Donating supplies is just something very common. This common act brought these homes huge amount of rice, bee hoon, milo. MCAD is always op for something special. We buy things most people don’t buy – Normal Saline, Sterile Packs, antiseptic solutions, etc. We try very hard to understand the real need of each one.

To cultivate the caring and loving spirit in our members’ soul, we decide to have it done to the maximum. Year 2003 really made MCAD a difference – more than 150 members from various schools joined our visit to the home a week before Chinese New Year; we cleaned the whole Home from morning to evening, making sure each corner of the Home is ready to celebrate the day. During the Chinese New Year, these members are again in the home to entertain these inmates with dances, singing and other performances like Er-hu and Cher-Ling, some traditional Chinese play. Those who are not performing, will sit beside the inmates, 1 to 1, to make sure all are entertained.

In fact, the inmate were so happy, until one of them collapsed. He was immediately attended by a few members and officers. Resuscitation were started almost immediately. He was urgently transported to Hospital Pulau Pinang, were he survived for 4 hours, and passed away later the day.

We learnt the lesson: We must be prepared for any emergency, it occurs without considering where and when.

We raise our own fund to support this service. During the 5th Anniversary Dinner, we raised a sum of RM1010, and the surplus of the dinner made to purchase the supplies to our next target home. We constantly look for fund for all our services and activities. We hope to be able to obtain permanent support from the public in order not only to maintain, but to improve them.

Gan Hoo Kok

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