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Thaipusam and MCAD

Thaipusam is the largest religious event SJAM Penang is covering, attracting more than 500,000 public every year. Members from MCAD have important roles to play in this service since the formation of the division.

Thaipusam Medical Service has extended to 2 consecutive days since 2003. MCAD played an important role to keep the service round the clock. Only adult members like MCAD are able to service the public throughout the night without the need of Parental Consent and permission from the school.

Thaipusam is so much different than any other public duties; members are working so closely with the medical team from both Hospital Pulau Pinang and Temple Volunteers, to operate a Medical Base which is able to receive almost any emergency. We attend to minor emergencies like falls, major ones like cardiac arrest; we assisted the medical team from dressing wounds to Resuscitation. Members serving the Hilltop Station will also have to prepare themselves to transport casualties from hilltop to ground when necessary. Ambulance is always alert to transport any casualties to hospital if required.

MCAD is always preferred to be given some special tasks. After a few months test. Penang Emergency Ambulance Radio Link (PEARL) is to be tested for “Site Control Module” by placing a control unit at the site to coordinate the works for a large event, independently from the daily ambulance operations. With the help from PEARL Technical Committee, assisted by a few MCAD members who were trained by them, network of radios are ready to bring all stations, medical base, ambulances and even receiving hospital together. Thaipusam 2005 is again the history, this time, a vital achievement in radio communications.

MCAD will continue to serve the public better, through improvement of service. We too looking forward to be able to imitate the successful practice in Thaipusam to other major standby duties.

Gan Hoo Kok

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